Network Security, Autumn 2019

Basic Course Information
Course Code 263-4640-00L
Language English
Instructors Prof. Dr. Adrian Perrig [AP]
Dr. Markus Legner [ML]
Dr. Stefan Frei [SF]
Teaching Assistants Piet De Vaere [PD]
Giacomo Giuliari [GG]
Simon Scherrer [SS]
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Lectures Tuesday 10:15-11:55, HG E 1.2
Guest Talks and Exercise Sessions Thursday 15:15-17:00, CAB G 61
Exam Thursday 06.02.2020, 14:00-16:00, HG G 1
Be sure to verify the exam date, time, and location on mystudies!
Lab In this course you can solve a set of challenges on Hacking Lab.
We will send out invitations so you can join our closed course event.
You can solve the challenges autonomously at any time you want.
Project The course includes two graded coding projects. These will make up 15 % of the final grade.
More information will follow.
Grading You must pass the exam to get credit points.
The exam determines 85 % of the final grade. The remaining 15 % comes from the coding projects.
Course Catalogue Entry 263-4640-00L Network Security
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Lecture Recordings Lecture recordings are available through the ETH video portal
Course News
08.08.2019 The website for the Network Security course is online.
Classes will start on 17.09.2019
16.08.2019 The preliminary schedule is published. This schedule may still change.
Preliminary schedule. Subject to change.
week 1 Lecture 17.09.2019 Course introduction, Crypto refresher [AP]
Exercise 19.09.2019 Networking refresher [ML]
week 2 Lecture 24.09.2019 PKI Systems [AP]
Exercise 26.09.2019 Introduction to Project 1: ACME Client
Discussion exercise sheet 1
week 3 Lecture 01.10.2019 TLS [Kenny Paterson]
Exercise 03.10.2019 Guest: Patrick Schmid, Team Leader & Senior Security Tester, Redguard
“Top X Ways to get Domain Admin: A field report from attack simulations across different companies”
Discussion exercise sheet
week 4 Lecture 08.10.2019 TLS [Kenny Paterson]
Exercise 10.10.2019 Discussion exercise sheet
Question hour
week 5 Lecture 15.10.2019 VPNs (IPsec, WireGuard) [ML]
Exercise 17.10.2019 Guest: David McLaughlin, Postmaster, ETH
Discussion exercise sheet
week 6 Lecture 22.10.2019 Anonymous-communication systems [ML]
Exercise 24.10.2019 Discussion exercise sheet
Question hour
week 7 Lecture 29.10.2019 DNS security and privacy [SF]
Exercise 31.10.2019 Guest: Candid Wüest, Sr. Principal Threat Researcher, Symantec
“Malware Prevention and its limitations”
Discussion exercise sheet
week 8 Lecture 05.11.2019 Firewalls, IDS, evasion and limitations [SF]
Exercise 07.11.2019 Introduction to Project 2: iptables
Discussion exercise sheet
Project 08.11.2019 Deadline Project 1 (23:59)
week 9 Lecture 12.11.2019 Cybersecurity in practice - Internet of things (IoT) and cyber supply chain security [SF]
Exercise 14.11.2019 Guest: Anja Harder, Chief IT Security Officer, ETH
“IT Security for Members of ETH Zurich: Services and Challenges”
Discussion exercise sheet
week 10 Lecture 19.11.2019 Probabilistic traffic-monitoring techniques [ML]
Exercise 21.11.2019 Discussion exercise sheet
Question hour
week 11 Lecture 26.11.2019 BGP security, BGPsec, best practices [ML]
Exercise 28.11.2019 Guest: Rayhaan Jaufeerally, Head of operations, Rayhaan Networks
Discussion exercise sheet
week 12 Lecture 03.12.2019 Next-generation Internet (SCION) [AP]
Exercise 05.12.2019 Discussion exercise sheet
Question hour
week 13 Lecture 10.12.2019 DDoS attacks and current defense mechanisms [AP]
Exercise 12.12.2019 Guest: Martin Leuthold, Head of Network & Security, Switch
“SWITCH-CERT: Insights into a leading Swiss Multisector CERT”
Discussion exercise sheet
week 14 Lecture 17.12.2019 QoS and next-generation DDoS defense (COLIBRI) [AP]
Exercise 19.12.2019 Discussion exercise sheet
Question hour
Project 20.12.2019 Deadline Project 2 (23:59)