Network Security, Autumn 2017

Basic Course Information
Course Code 263-4640-00L
Language English
Instructors Prof. Dr. Adrian Perrig [AP]
Dr. Stefan Frei [SF]
Teaching Assistants Daniele Asoni [DA]
Jean-Pierre Smith [JS]
Taeho Lee [TL]
Lectures Tuesday 10:15-11:55, CAB G 61
Guest Talks and Exercise Sessions Tuesday 9:15-10:00, CAB G 61
Lab In this course you can solve a set of challenges on Hacking Lab.
We will send out invitations so you can join our closed course event.
You can solve the challenges autonomously at any time you want.
Project The project consists in the creation of a Hacking Lab-like challenge.
Teams of (up to) five students will create one new challenge per team.
Office Hours By appointment only. Preferred hours: Monday 14:30-16:00, CAB F 86.2.
Grading You must pass the exam to get credit points.
The project can boost your exam grade.
Course Catalogue Entry 263-4640-00L Network Security
Course Slides/Readers (SVN) Use your n.ethz account to access the slides and readers in the SVN:
We will only give access to students registered for the course.
If you are registered and cannot access the repository, please let us know, and send us your nethz ID.
(Please allow for a few days of delay, as the authorization process is manual.)
Course News
26.02.2018 The exam reviews are scheduled on Tuesday, 27.02.2018, 14:30-15:30, and on Friday, 02.03.2018, 11:00-12:00.
Both will be held in CAB F 86.2.
20.11.2017 The guest lecture/exercise session (09:00-10:00) of tomorrow, 21.11.2017, is cancelled.
The lecture will start as usual at 10:15.
31.10.2017 The project description (Hacking challenge creation) is published in the SVN.
09.10.2017 The guest lecture (09:00-10:00) of tomorrow, 10.10.2017, is cancelled.
The lecture will start as usual at 10:15.
02.10.2017 The guest lecture (09:00-10:00) of tomorrow, 03.10.2017, is cancelled.
The lecture will start as usual at 10:15.
25.09.2017 We have sent out an email giving students access to the Hacking Lab course event.
Please let us know if you registered late and have not yet received the email.
20.09.2017 We have sent out an email giving students access to the SVN repository, the video recordings of the lectures, and the Slack channel.
Please let us know if you registered late and have not yet received the email.
N.B.: This year no legal declaration will be required.
14.09.2017 The website for the Network Security course is online with the preliminary course schedule.
Classes start on 19.09.2017 with the Computer Networks Refresher at 9:15
Date Guest or Exercise Lecture Lab
Week 1, 19.09.2017 Computer Networks Refresher [AP] Introduction, roots of trust, crypto background [AP]
Security protocols, TCP/IP vulnerabilities [AP]
Starts on the second week
Week 2, 26.09.2017 E1: Hacking Lab introduction [DA] Blockchain, network security issues [AP] Get Hacking-Lab account, join event and set up access
Week 3, 03.10.2017 None DNS security and privacy [SF] None
Week 4, 10.10.2017 None PKI systems: TLS PKI, CT, ARPKI [LC] 3002 Network and Domainsearch
3014 Sniffing Network Traffic
7010 Network Security: DNS Host Name Change
Week 5, 17.10.2017 Emilia Kasper, Google SSL/TLS [AP] 3014 Wireshark Extended Features
3031 SSL/TLS Protocol
7030 Linksys SSL Break
Week 6, 24.10.2017 David McLaughlin, ETH Zurich DDoS attacks and defenses [SF] None
Week 7, 31.10.2017 E2: DNS and DNSSEC [DA] SCION secure Internet architecture (control and data planes, PKIs, ISD coordination) [AP] 3001a NMAP Scanning with different options
3001c NMAP Hacking Lab Network Fingerprinting
5221 ssh-attack
Week 8, 07.11.2017 E3: Project explanation [DA] SCION secure Internet architecture (OPT, SIBRA, DRKey) [AP] None
Week 9, 14.11.2017 E4: SCION Introduction [FW] Anonymous communications systems (Definitions, Mixnets, circuit-based systems) [DA] 3029 Network Forensic Challenge
5072 Compression Side Channel
5073 Compression Side Channel with Block Cipher
Week 10, 21.11.2017 None Anonymous communications systems (Tor, censorship resilience, network-layer systems) [DA] None
Week 11, 28.11.2017 E5: Hacking Lab solutions Firewalls, IDS, evasion and limitations [SF] 3038 IPv6 Firewall Deception
5061 Steganography Challenge
5108 Proxy-Log-Analysis
Week 12, 05.12.2017 None Authentication and encryption for broadcast communication [AP] None
Week 13, 12.12.2017 Thomas Oberhammer, Open Systems AG Probabilistic traffic monitoring techniques [AP] None
Week 14, 19.12.2017 Antoine Neuenschwander, SWITCH Frontiers in network security research, how to prepare for the final exam, wrap-up [AP] None
To contact the instructors or teaching assistants for this course, please send an email to networksecurity ät