Network Security, Autumn 2016

Basic Course Information
Course Code 263-4640-00L
Language English
Instructors Prof. Dr. Adrian Perrig [AP]
Dr. Thomas Dübendorfer [TD] (Email)
Dr. Stefan Frei [SF]
Teaching Assistants Daniele Asoni [DA]
Chen Chen [CC]
Ercan Ucan [EU]
Raphael Reischuk [RR]
Sam Hitz [SH]
Tae-Ho Lee [TL]
Lectures Tuesday 10:15-11:55, CAB G 61
Guest Talks and Exercise Sessions Tuesday 9:15-10:00, CAB G 61
Lab Use your laptop and log into
Solve the challenges of our NetSec event online at any time you want.
Teams of (up to) five students will create one new challenge per team.
Office Hours By appointment only. Preferred hours: Monday 13:30-15:00, CAB F 86.2.
Grading You must pass the exam to get credit points
Course Catalogue Entry 263-4640-00L Network Security
Course Slides/Readers (SVN) Use your n.ethz account to access the slides and readers in the SVN:
Course News
03.02.2017 The exam will be on the 04.02.2017 at HIL G 15
30.09.2016 Students who have submitted the legal declaration have now access to the following:
the student SVN; the video recordings of the lecture; the Hacking Lab course event.
The access credentials have been sent out via email.
07.09.2016 Students must sign and submit the legal use declaration for this course no later than 27.9.2016 (it can be handed in before the lecture).
German: PDF Word
English: PDF Word
Date Guest or Exercise Lecture Lab
Week 1, 20.09.2016 Computer Networks Refresher [AP] Introduction, Insecurity, and Risk [SF]
Vulnerability Lifecycle [SF]
Starts on the second week
Week 2, 27.09.2016 E1: Insecurity and Basics [DA]
Hacking Lab Introduction [DA]
Identity and Authentication [TD] Get Hacking-Lab account, join event and set up access
Week 3, 04.10.2016 Candid Wüest, Principal Threat Researcher, Symantec: "Malware Analysis and Prevention" Firewalls, IDS, and NAT traversal [AP] Do one step-by-step example
Week 4, 11.10.2016 Raphael M. Reischuk, Network Security Group: "An Internet Architecture for the 21st Century" DNS Security [SF] None
Week 5, 18.10.2016 Vincent Lenders, Armasuisse: "Next-generation Air Traffic Control: Overview and Security Issues" Secure Channels: Principles, VPN, SSH [TD]
Availability and DoS [TD]
Week 6, 25.10.2016 E2: DoS and Project Demo [SH] Session State; SQL Injection [SF] 4002: VPN Aggressive Mode Hacking
7010: DNS Host Name Change
Week 7, 01.11.2016 Silvio Oertli, SWITCH: "Switch CERT" Malware Development and Demo; Botnets [SF] 2202 Session Fixation Attack
2312 Blind SQL Injection
Week 8, 08.11.2016 E3: DNS and DNSSEC [DA] Malware [TD] None
Week 9, 15.11.2016 Sven Vetsch, Redguard: "Real-life Attack Simulations - A Field Report" Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) [TD] 2663 Double SQL Injection
5104 Virus Total
2663 JavaScript Malware Analysis
Week 10, 22.11.2016 E4: XSS and Malware [CC] TLS Part 1 [AP] 6112 OWASP A2 - XSS
2300 Cross-Site Scripting w/ Client-Side IV
Week 11, 29.11.2016 Michele Spagnuolo and Lukas Weichselbaum, Google: "Breaking Bad Content Security Policies" TLS Part 2 [AP] None
Week 12, 06.12.2016 E5: TLS and SQL Injection (skipped) Email Spam [TD] 3042 Exploit Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability
7030 Linksys SSL Break
Week 13, 13.12.2016 Emilia Kasper, Google: "How to Fix TLS PKI Security?"
This talk will not be recorded
Security Ecosystem [SF]
Evasion Modelling, Detection Failures, and Endpoint Security [SF]
Week 14, 20.12.2016 David McLaughlin, ETH Zurich: "Mail Filtering at the ETH" Case Study: Security Online Ticket Shop [TD]
Frontiers in network security research, how to prepare for the final exam, wrap-up [AP]
TBD (some challenges to help you prepare for the exam)
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