Computer Networks, Spring Semester 2023

Basic Course Information
Course ID 252-0064-00L
Language English
Lecturers Prof. Dr. Adrian Perrig [AP]
Dr. Huayi Duan [HD]
Teaching Assistants Simon Scherrer — Head TA
Seyedali Tabaeiaghdaei — Project TA
Giacomo Giuliari — Project TA
Cyrill Krähenbühl — Exercise TA
Elham Moghadam — Exercise TA
Supraja Sridhara — Exercise TA
Zichen Gui — Exam TA
Jordi Subira Nieto — Support TA
Juan A. Garcia-Pardo — Support TA
Francois Wirz — Support TA
Marc Wyss — Support TA
Student Assistants Jan Stauffer — Exercise SA
Joël Vögtlin — Exercise SA
Alice La Porta — Exercise SA
Linus Baumberger — Exercise SA
Nicolas Stucki — Exercise SA
Severin Obrist — Exercise SA
Cashen Adkins — Project SA
Contact Please do not send emails to our personal email addresses. Instead, use the following points of contact (besides in-person question during lectures and exercise sessions):
Online Teaching In principle all teaching will be in person. However, recordings will be made available, and no attendance (besides at the exam) is required to pass this course.
  • Monday 14:15‒16:00, HG E7
  • Friday 10:15‒12:00, HG F1
Exercise Sessions
  • Tuesday, 16:15‒18:00, ML H44
  • Tuesday, 16:15‒18:00, RZ F21
  • Thursday, 14:15‒16:00, HG D7.2
Exam Written exam on computer. Date to be determined.
Project The course includes two optional coding projects. These need to be completed individually and will allow to gain a bonus of up to 0.25 to the final grade.
More information will be provided in the lectures.
Course Catalogue Entry 252-0064-00L Computer Networks
Course Slides/Readers (Git) Course materials will be distributed via GitLab. We will also use GitLab Issues for questions, discussions, and more.
You should automatically be granted access to the relevant GitLab projects no later than (i) four hours after registering for the course on myStudies, or (ii) one hour after logging in to the D-INFK GitLab instance for the first time, whichever is later. If this is not the case, you should contact the course team.
Recordings Recordings will be available on the ETH video portal the day after the lecture or exercise class. General information related to lecture streaming and recording is available here.
Course News
25.1.2023 The website for the Computer Networks course is online.
Subject to change.
week 1 Lecture 20.02.2022 Course organization
Networking Basics
Lecture 24.02.2022 Layering
Network Metrics
Exercise 21.02.2022
week 2 Lecture 27.02.2022 DNS
Lecture 03.03.2022 Web/HTTP
Exercise 28.03.2022
Discussion of Sheet 1
week 3 Lecture 06.03.2022 Transport principles
Lecture 10.03.2022 Internet transport
Exercise 07.03.2022
Discussion of Sheet 2
week 4 Lecture 13.03.2022 Internet transport
Transport sockets
Lecture 17.03.2022 Network layer
Exercise 14.03.2022
Discussion of Sheet 3
week 5 Lecture 20.03.2022 Network layer
Lecture 24.03.2022 Network layer
Exercise 21.03.2022
Discussion of Sheet 4
week 6 Lecture 27.03.2022 Routing
Lecture 31.03.2022 BGP
Exercise 28.03.2022
Discussion of Sheet 5
week 7 Lecture 03.04.2022 BGP
Lecture 07.04.2022 Easter Break
Exercise 04.04.2022
Discussion of Sheet 6
week 8 Lecture 10.04.2022 Easter Break
Lecture 14.04.2022 Easter Break
Exercise 11.04.2022
Easter Break
week 9 Lecture 17.04.2022 Sechseläuten
Lecture 21.04.2022 Link layer: Protocols
Exercise - No exercise session
week 10 Lecture 24.04.2022 Link layer: Protocols
Physical layer
Lecture 28.04.2022 Summary
Exercise 25.04.2022
Discussion of Sheet 7
week 11 Lecture 01.05.2022 Labour Day
Lecture 05.05.2022 Algorithms
Exercise 02.05.2022
Discussion of Sheet 8
week 12 Lecture 08.05.2022 Algorithms
Lecture 12.05.2022 Network Monitoring
Exercise 09.05.2022
Discussion of Sheet 9
week 13 Lecture 15.05.2022 CDNs
Lecture 19.05.2022 Link layer: Framing & Error correction
Exercise 16.05.2022 Discussion of Sheet 10
week 14 Lecture 22.05.2022 Routing security
Lecture 26.05.2022 SCION
Exercise 23.05.2022
Discussion of Sheet 11
week 15 Lecture 29.05.2022 Pentecost Monday
Lecture 02.06.2022 SCION
Exercise 30.05.2022
Discussion of Sheet 12